Why golf is one of the hardest sports in the world

To the uninitiated, golf may seem easy, and there is always the illusion that you can make a 1-yard putt with your eyes closed. But to the regular golfer, it’s not. Short putts are not really a sure thing.


Love and hate is the most common evaluation of this sport by golf fans, love because it is fun and addictive, and hate because it is too difficult, even after a lot of effort is not good to play it, often put people in a rather sour torture.

Why golf is one of the hardest sports in the world

Golf is known as one of the most difficult sports in the world, so where is it really difficult? Let’s find out.


First of all, in terms of the swing.


The basic premise of golf is to master the swing skill, and this is the only thing that stops many golfers, and even some golfers who have been playing for a long time still have a variety of unreasonable swing movements. And there is a saying that there is never a day when you can practice your swing thoroughly, even if you are a top golfer. This shows how difficult the swing has to be.


Although the ball is stationary on the ground, it is not easy to hit it, and many people have the experience of not being able to hit the ball when they first start playing. And even if you do hit the ball, you have to make sure that the club head trajectory is square, the club face is square, and the ball is hit in the right place, and in addition to that, you have to develop a fast enough club head speed, none of which will allow you to hit a good shot. It’s hard just to think about it.


Also, and most importantly, hitting one or two good shots every now and then is nothing, you have to be able to hit good shots consistently and increase your success rate. This requires a swing that can be repeated, in other words, you have to get it close every time, and that’s the hardest part.


Secondly, playing good golf from the downfield side is not easy either.


After the swing is basically formed, the next challenge you need to face is from the course. Many golfers actually hit the ball quite well on the driving range, but they just can’t play well on the course.


You can never know where the next shot will go, and if it happens to land in a bunker, a wood or a hit mark, the next shot will be very tricky to deal with, and this is not possible without a lot of experience.


Also, there are natural factors to consider, such as windy or rainy days, which can affect judgment and ball striking, and many golfers are not good at playing in such conditions.


Of course, the most difficult part of the process is to putt on the green, not to mention the direction to putt straight and grasp the strength of the putt, the line alone is difficult to see a lot of golf fans. If you want to putt well, you have to put in some hard work.


Finally, let’s talk about golf from the point of view of mentality.


As the opening paragraph says, even in the face of 1 yard distance of the putt, many people still can not push into, in fact, this has little to do with technology, more or mentality is affected, resulting in putting errors. Mindset is a factor that affects your level of play all the time.


It is said that the more you want to hit the ball far, the less you will hit the ball, the more you are afraid to hit the bunker or OB, the more you will end up hitting the ball into the bunker, OB. In addition, when you are nervous about hitting the ball, and have a lot of psychological pressure, it is also very difficult to play a good ball.


So playing golf, mind is a factor that we have to consider. Smart golfers have the skill to keep their swing focused without thinking and to learn to forget that no matter how bad the previous shot was, it should not affect the current shot.


One more thing, playing golf also has to be practiced for a long time, otherwise it is easy to lose muscle memory, if you fish for three days, it is definitely not good enough to play. For the game of golf, it is not just about having money, but also about having time.


After reading these, do not feel that golf is not simple at all?