Golf, a “free and useless” sport

Many people fall in love with golf because they like to encounter nature in the sport –


The sunset island course, under the red haze of coconut trees swaying, amorous and sexy; walking the morning course in Yunnan, dense in the language of birds and flowers, mysterious heart; spring flowers like the sea, summer willows, autumn leaves like fire, winter sun like a song, the four seasons of golf life, like the earth’s elegant ode, long meaning.

Golf, a "free and useless" sport

And some people love golf because they enjoy the wonders of life in the sport –


From swing to drop, from walking to stop, greens, bunkers, holes, lakeside, step by step wisdom, inch by inch test, playing a life of surprises and surprises, witnessed the maturity and extraordinary, or happy or sad, or angry or crazy, square inch course, staged the high and low life drama, wonderful.


These seemingly useless pleasures in life are the vitality of the sport that has lasted for a hundred years.


The freedom and uselessness of golf


Golf, often seen as a personal outdoor sport, has a freedom that can only be felt by those who are in it.


It makes you feel like you are in a world without borders, where you can hit the ball freely and stroll around without space restrictions, allowing your body and mind to be relaxed to the greatest extent; and when your golf level reaches a certain level, your control and focus on yourself can be improved, allowing you to experience another level of freedom brought about by self-discipline and self-control.


Freedom, the embodiment of personal independence of body and mind, the prerequisite for enjoying true freedom, is uselessness.


Very often, we all have this experience – when you do something with a utilitarian purpose, but feel that it limits your ability and makes you feel tied up, while when you enjoy it and do something with love, you can often get unexpected gains, which is the “uselessness This is the freedom that comes from “uselessness”.


Knowing this, when you play golf, you will be able to better enjoy his fun, and will not suffer for a hole and emotional loss, out of control.


Experience the process of golf “useless”, is to enjoy the fun of the sport with a loving heart, in nature, sports, let go of worries and anxiety, experience the essence of life back to nature.


In this era of everyone’s internal volume, in this post-epidemic era of per capita anxiety, life needs not only wealth and appreciation, but also blue skies and white clouds, physical relaxation and mental relaxation to regulate the imbalanced state. In this way, we can live up to the efforts of life and the ideals of life.