Free dabbling in high-priced golf lessons forces Japanese prime minister's top adviser to resign

Free dabbling in high-priced golf lessons forces Japanese prime minister’s top adviser to resign

“The car had a ‘Cabinet Office’ sticker placed on the dashboard and a sticker on the rear of the vehicle that read ‘Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games related vehicle’.”


An inconspicuous sticker and label on the official car ride forced the Japanese Cabinet official Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Promotion Headquarters Affairs Director and Cabinet Counselor Takeno Hirata to resign from the above two official positions today.

Free dabbling in high-priced golf lessons forces Japanese prime minister's top adviser to resign

The Tokyo Olympic Games have just ended and the Tokyo Paralympic Games have not yet opened, but from this moment on, everything has nothing to do with Takeno Hirata.


According to the Japanese media “Bunshun Online”, Takeno Hirata was forced to resign because he “took an official car to a golf school in Tokyo to enjoy high cost free lessons. According to the report, an investigation confirmed that Takeno Hirata had been taking golf lessons at RIZAP for nearly three years and had never paid a total of more than 4 million yen (about 240,000 yuan) in tuition.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. According to the detailed unannounced visit disclosed by the reporter of “Bunshun Online”, three days after the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, at 3:40 pm on July 26, Takeno Hirata, wearing a short-sleeved shirt and gray slacks, entered the RIZAP GOLF Roppongi store at a fast pace.


It is said that Takeno Hirata’s love of golf is well known in both political and business circles in Japan. Takeno Hirata, who was a former member of the Japan Football Association, has personally revealed that he loved soccer until he went to college, and that he started to get into golf after he started working with more and more people.


Indeed, for Takeno Hirata, it is his freedom to love golf, but there is a problem in paying the tuition fee. According to the personal account of Takeno Hirata revealed to the media by RIZAP GOLF staff, he has taken 234 one-on-one golf lessons in the past three years, but his payment records are all “0”, and the 55,000 yen tax he should have paid is also shown as “0 “, which means that Takeno Hirata has never paid tuition to RIZAP GOLF in the past three years.


According to RIZAP GOLF’s fees, the total amount of the cheapest 96 lessons and 40 lessons is 4573800 yen, which means that Takeno Hirata received a “huge discount” of at least 4 million yen.


This is not to mention the fact that Takeno Hirata, who is the Director of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Promotion Headquarters of the Cabinet Secretariat and a Councillor of the Cabinet Secretariat, even took the official car of the Tokyo Organizing Committee when he went to play golf.


After seeing Takeno Hirata leave after two 50-minute one-on-one golf lessons, the unannounced reporter couldn’t believe his eyes and took a bottle of water with the “RIZAP” label torn off. The black Crown car waiting in Roppongi Pass.


The reporter observed that the car had a label on the dashboard that read “Cabinet Office” and a sticker on the front and back of the car that read “Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games related vehicles.


It is understood that this is an official car, a vehicle specifically for providing services related to the Olympics, and after boarding the car, Takeno Hirata went to the Cabinet Office where his office is located.


According to the reporter’s unannounced visit, Takeno Hirata’s irregular use of the official car is not limited to the situation of playing golf, but also exists to go to the hospital and other situations, and the information of that car is consistent with the car attending the golf course.


In Japan, the private use of official cars is a serious violation of the code of ethics for civil servants. in 2016, former Tokyo governor Yoichi Masuda was forced to resign after he was caught using his official car to travel to and from his villa in Yugawara almost every weekend. in 2018, former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Yoshihide Hayashi was forced to publicly admit his mistake after he was caught driving to a yoga store in Tokyo while performing his official duties.


It is said that the Cabinet Counselor is known as the “brain of the Prime Minister” of Japan, although not bound by the code of ethics for civil servants, but as a part-time civil servant to accept the services of interested parties, it is actually a loss of credit. Therefore, Takeno Hirata can no longer serve and has to resign.